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Running a business is tough. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established SME, at some point you’ll need support. Instead of turning to search engines and YouTube videos, wouldn’t it be great if everything you needed was all in one place? Informi provides simple and practical guidance on everything from finance and marketing to the mental challenges of being your own boss.

We’re running a series of articles in PQ Magazine on how to get your small business off the ground, giving you a brief flavour of the information you can access via Informi’s wealth of free resources for small business leaders.

Informi’s free resources are comprehensive and easy to understand, so, whatever your experience you’ll find the information you need to launch, stabilise and grow. 

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A new company is born every minute in the UK

by Informi

Feel the freedom and empowerment of being your own boss – the release of doing something you love. 

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