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How to set up an Instagram Business Account

As of January 2021, Instagram has over 1 billion active users. With such a far reaching user base, Instagram is a great marketing tool if you’re looking to appeal to a younger age demographic and want to create a captive audience for your products. In this article you’ll find tips on how make a business account on Instagram, but you’ll also find helpful advice on what you should post and some guidance for developing your Instagram strategy.

Sign up to Instagram

You probably already have a personal Instagram account. If you simply wish to convert this to a business account, there is an option for doing so. Tap through your settings to the account section, then select “switch to a professional account.”

If you’d rather start an account from scratch, head to Instagram and choose “sign up” on the login page. You will be asked for your e-mail address as well as a username and password. Your username should reflect your business and be easy for your customers to find.

Don’t worry – you can always change your username later. Remember to make sure your password is secure, though: a hacked account can have undesirable consequences for your business.

Set up an Instagram profile

The next step is to set up your profile. This is the first thing people see when they come across your page, so it’s important to get this right and make a positive first impression. If your business has a logo, upload it as your profile picture. This will help build brand recognition.

Next, it’s time to write your bio. This is a short “about me” section that you can use to introduce people to your business. Keep it concise and easily understood. You may want to check out your competitors’ accounts for examples of effective bios.

Your profile has space for a link. You might choose to use this space to advertise your website. Alternatively, you can add a link straight to your WhatsApp or other customer service channels. If you have more than one link you’d like to add, you might consider using a service like Linktree.

Instagram profile basics

As you set up your Instagram business account, make sure you avoid these common errors:

  • Taking a shot of food
    Uploading a blurry image

    You may need to crop or resize your logo for it to appear perfectly on your page. It’s worth taking the time to do so: a shoddy profile picture looks unprofessional.

  • Playing on Instagram
    Making your page private

    If your account is a business one, it should be automatically made public. As you set your page up, you may wish to keep it private. However, when it’s time to share it with the public, make sure it’s open and available to everybody.

  • Instagram login
    Wasting your bio space

    Definitely don’t leave this blank. Describe your business in an engaging way and try to incorporate keywords that your potential customers will search for. This will make your profile more likely to be found by the right audience.

Change to a business profile

You may wonder whether it’s worth it to switch your personal page to a professional one. After all, you can still post business content from a standard Instagram page. However, there are many advantages to making the change.

  • First of all, you’ll enjoy Instagram Insights. This is an analytics tool that provides valuable information about how your content is being received by your followers. It can be used to develop more effective Instagram strategies.
  • You’ll also be able to boost your posts. Basically, you can pay to ensure that your posts make their way to the feeds of your prospective audience.
  • If you plan to sell products on the platform, you can take advantage of the “shopping” feature that creates a digital storefront for your business.
  • Lastly, you’re able to add a contact button so customers can reach you with just one click.

Switching from a personal page to a professional one is very easy. All you have to do is select “account” on your settings and click “switch to a professional account.”

Create an Instagram business account strategy

Instagram is undoubtedly an important platform: it offers amazing opportunities for businesses to impress and engage a wide audience. However, to do so effectively, you’ll need a strong strategy designed specifically for the platform.

Here are some things to include in your Instagram strategy:

  • Brand 
    While crafting this strategy, you’ll want to consider the aesthetics of your business brand. Instagram is a very visual platform, so it’s a good idea to create a recognisable brand through the conscious use of colours, fonts, and photographs. Otherwise, your grid begins to look messy, and that can muddle your message.

  • Tone of voice
    It isn’t all about images, though. Your captions have to connect too. It’s important to establish a confident brand voice that reflects the personality of your business. Humour is a great tool for capturing attention and attracting new followers.

  • Consistency
    Part of developing your Instagram strategy is creating a style guide that keeps your content consistent. It should outline exactly what your business wants to communicate and how it will achieve it. This will give practical advice to any staff members that might undertake social media responsibilities.

  • Post types
    In your style guide, you can confirm what kind of content will be posted to the grid and what will be reserved for stories. In general, stories are considered more casual. They only last for 24 hours, unlike photos on the grid which remain until you delete them. Stories can be used to engage your followers through polls and surveys, though, so their importance shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Hashtags
    Another element you should consider as part of your Instagram strategy is your use of hashtags. Many brands create their own hashtags which customers can then use to share their products. Others use popular hashtags that relate to their product or service in the hopes of attracting new followers. Users that click on or follow these hashtags will then be exposed to their business posts.

  • New features
    Instagram is constantly rolling out new features, so your strategy should explore how to make the most of these opportunities. For example, the Reels function allows you to film and share short videos. If your Reel goes viral, it could be big news for your business. 

Instagram business posting

Now you’ve set up your Instagram business account and you’ve developed your strategy, it’s time to start posting. Here are some quick final tips to help you make the most out of Instagram:

  • Aim for a peak time on social media to reach as many people as possible. You can find the perfect moment to post by experimenting with different times of day and using Instagram insights to analyse your engagement levels.
  • To keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds, you should post consistently. However, if you post excessively, you risk prompting people to unfollow you. Check out your competitors’ feeds for a better idea of the right balance.
  • If you plan to post daily, use the “stories” function. This is a more casual way of communicating with your customers.
  • Encourage interaction. Social media is different from traditional advertising. It’s more of a conversation. For that reason, it’s a good idea to encourage interaction from your followers. You might do this by using surveys or polls in your stories, for example. You may also ask them to share images of your products, which you can then share on your page. This is a good way to build relationships and brand loyalty.
  • Test and learn. You can keep your Instagram content fresh by experimenting with different mediums. If you only post pictures to the grid, you’re missing out on the other opportunities this platform provides. For example, IGTV allows you to stream live, so this could be a cool way to launch a new product or service. Using Reels, you can also film, edit, and share short videos. These can be amazingly attention-grabbing.

The most important thing about your Instagram content is that is accurately reflects your business. Consider it just another way to convey your unique brand personality. You may need to experiment a little to find your Instagram voice. Remember, if you’re struggling to make the most of social media, you can always use a social media management business with expertise in this field. Plus, there are plenty of handy social media marketing tools to help you – whether that’s creating content, managing your community, or reviewing analytics.

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