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Lloyds Bank

Working in partnership with Informi, Lloyds Bank can provide a unique perspective for small businesses seeking support and guidance on their banking and finance needs to help them achieve their ambitions. 

For over 250 years Lloyds Bank is proud to have served the people, businesses and communities of Britain.

With over 1,000 high street branches, award-winning online, mobile and telephone banking services, supported by a network of Commercial Banking and Private Banking relationship managers across England and Wales, Lloyds Bank is one of the UK’s leading retail and commercial banks serving millions of customers, every day.

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Lloyds Bank supported 100,000 businesses last year to start up and helps businesses of all sizes

Through a network of over a hundred commercial banking offices, Lloyds Bank provides support to UK businesses, from SMEs to large corporates and financial institutions. To find out about how Lloyds Bank can help you take your next step or for a full range of products and services, visit the website.

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