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Digital marketing on a budget ebook

Make every penny count

A recent poll by Affilnet has shown that the average small business owner will spend around 16% of their annual budget on marketing and over half of those intend to increase their budget in 2018/19.

Whilst there’s no doubting the necessity of spending money to promote your business, it is far too easy, especially in the early days, to see that money spent naively with little or no return. The excitement of being your own boss, the drive and passion to make it a success, combined with a lack of business experience, can lead to unfocused decision making.

Our free digital marketing on a budget ebook will provide you firm insights on how to spend your money and focus your efforts in order to get the best ROI. You’ll find profit-boosting tips on e-marketing, social media, Google AdWords, SEO, Facebook Advertising, and blogging – it’s all covered. Enter your email above to access the ebook – and master the art of digital marketing.

With SME budgets so tight, and marketing tactics so expensive, naive investments can be especially detrimental to small businesses so reliant on positive cash flow. Our ebook will help you spend your limited marketing budget effectively. 

Darren Nicholls Informi Product Manager

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Not only are there loads of ways to market your business on a tight budget, some of the most effective promotional tactics are the cheapest - you just have to be creative. 

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