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A guiding hand from start-up all the way to growth

Running a business is tough. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established SME, at some point you’ll need support. Instead of turning to search engines and YouTube videos, wouldn’t it be great if everything you needed was all in one place? That’s where Informi comes in. We’ll provide your business with simple and practical guidance on everything from finance, technology and marketing to the mental challenges of being your own boss.

Starting a business

A new business is launched in the UK every minute, and for every soaring success story there’s a cautionary tale. We're going to help you weigh up whether it’s the right option for you and set your expectations for what’s in store. We’ll guide you through financial processes and legal considerations, and make sure your product or service is brought to market in a considered and effective manner.

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The majority of small businesses are run by people without finance skills or qualifications. Research has found that even if your business is financially secure, not having these skills can cost you thousands of pounds a year in tax miscalculations, unpaid invoices and fines. While some parts of business finance may seem daunting, with our guidance you’ll understand the ins and outs in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. 

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Marketing and sales

While there’s some truth in the statement ‘a good product sells itself’, combining this with a well thought-out marketing and sales strategy will really lift your business profits. We’re going to help you find a winning formula that will work whatever your business and budget. We’ll show you why marketing and sales are so important, and help you to fine tune your brand and proposition. You’ll find everything you need to know about market research, pricing, building your website and social media presence, customer service and growing your client base. 

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Managing yourself

Going out into the world of self-employment is a liberating feeling but being your own boss can also present its pitfalls. We’ll look at the personal challenges and considerations that you’ll be confronted with, and equip you with the tools to succeed on your own. We’ll guide you on how to work on your own, including time-management, and get the best out of yourself. There are tips on when to seek out external support and getting that all important work-life balance.

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A new company is born every minute in the UK

by Informi

Feel the freedom and empowerment of being your own boss – the release of doing something you love. 

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