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The Ten Most On-Trend Business Ideas For 2017

What kinds of businesses have recently increased in popularity? Many lifestyle businesses and outsourced services are being seized upon by savvy entrepreneurs as they see a gap in the market in our increasingly busy, fast-paced lives. Everything from local food production to health coaching to pet sitting, here are just some of the most popular business ventures around right now.


Artisan/farm food production

Get a taste of success as an artisan or small farm food producer. This trend was accelerated a few years ago by high profile food supply chain scandals that saw horsemeat enter products sold in supermarkets. People are more conscientious about the origins of their food, opting for produce that is traceable, ethical, healthy, and environmentally sound. If you have access to some land or barn space, a passion for livestock, vegetable growing, or even brewing, it’s a good time to put your interest into practice as a business.


  • Simple to set up from home
  • Plenty of demand
  • A lot of time outdoors/on the road


  • Unpredictable harvests can cripple smallholders
  • A lot of time outdoors/on the road

Notable players: Teapigs, Cocoba, Brewdog 

Online craft shop

Online shopping has revolutionised the fashion industry and the rise of Pinterest and Etsy shows our desire for unique and handmade items. Home crafters are often selling their wares on the side of other business or work, but many are carving out these sidelines as full-time businesses in their own right.


  • Good outlet for creative skill that would otherwise go to waste
  • Can work around full full-time


  • Difficult to grow while maintaining authenticity of hand-made items

Notable players: Three Bird NestNicole de BruinBohemian Findings

Dog walking/pet sitting

There is a huge demand for pet minding services as people spend more time away from home with long hours, work trips and much needed holidays either side. Many want to make sure their pet is well looked after without having to put them into a kennel or continually rely on a family member. Dog walkers and minders are also in demand for senior citizens who struggle with the physical demands of their beloved companion due to illness and increased frailty.


  • Dogs. Lots of dogs. All day every day!


  • Forming attachments then having to say goodbye to dogs who move away or are put to sleep 
  • Outdoor work in all weather conditions

Notable players: …errr

Content services

Content creation can be big business. Take any experience of media, PR, and marketing that you have and turn it into a content-producing machine. There is also the option to team up with photography and visual design creatives and offer an all-under-one-roof cost effective service for time-poor SMEs.


  • Work 100% remotely from anywhere, anytime


  • Managing client expectations – be that having to reign them in, or trying to push them to be a little braver!
  • Often difficult to get paid a fair rate for the work you put in.

Notable players: Scroll, SixtyEightFeet, Sticky Content

Crowdfunding consultants

Here’s a pretty new concept: specialist consultants with the sole aim of helping small businesses create and launch successful crowdfunding campaigns are on the rise. There are some that will offer consultations and workshops on a crowdfunding campaign and others that will completely take on and run it on behalf of the business.


  • Helping worthwhile businesses/services/products get off the ground


  • A lot of personal responsibility to take on if a campaign doesn’t succeed

Notable players: CrowdFund2Me,

In 2016, 342,927 new businesses were registered with Companies House between January and June. Put another way, that’s 80 new companies born every hour. 

Personal training and health coaching

Personal trainers have evolved as people begin to take a more holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. It’s no longer just about working out and diets, people are looking to trainers for sustainable healthy lifestyle guidance, from nutrition to positive mental health and balance in life overall.


  • Helping people live happier, healthier lives


  • Market is already pretty crowded so important to carve out a USP
  • People who follow you in social media may start to find you irritating…

Notable players: Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks

Wedding/party planning

Weddings and birthdays are one of the rare constants in life, and in our social media image driven society the more demand for unique, beautiful, perfection to mark our special occasions. Organising such events alone is no mean feat and many people prefer to bring in an outsider to avoid inevitable tears and stress among family and friends. Events management experience, creative edge, calm and comforting persona are ideal qualities for wedding and party planning.


  • Helping people make the most special of memories
  • Opportunities for travel
  • High earnings for large events


  • Managing multiple opinions
  • Expectations and emotions of family and guests
  • Party will look to you to deal with last minute problems/disasters…

Notable players: Niemierko, Alise Taggert, Fly Away Bride

Apps for kids

You may have been considering developing an idea for an app, but have you thought about targeting the children’s market? More children than ever have their own devices so apps are on the rise. There are even social media networks designed especially for children and young people with special needs who are more vulnerable when online.


  • Plenty of options for development including education, play, therapy


  • Kids are picky so it may be difficult to hit upon an idea that will resonate with them

Notable players: Bloom, Endless Wordplay,Tynker

Translation and language services

If you’re looking for a way to put your language skills to use, how about setting up a translation agency? Multi-lingual translators are never short of work from companies and individuals alike. You can start out on your own and then bring in a team who can help expand the amount of languages covered as well as all those other important tasks such as technical support and accounting.


  • Low start-up costs
  • Ability to grow quickly with good marketing and strong online presence


  • You don’t just have to worry about other people, machines and auto-translate technology may also take your job

Notable players: Global Voices, Better Languages, Andiamo 

Legal consultancy

The legal industry is changing and there are more options for lawyers to step out of practice into legal consulting, providing legal services for business on a regular or ad hoc basis, in order for them to save money on legal department. While you have the option of setting up alone, bringing other consultants together into an agency is a good option – cover more business, provide more security and support for each other.


  • Increasing demand for outsourced legal services ensuring high demand
  • Ability to broaden experience of industries and sectors, flexibility


  • Managing the demands of clients who expect you to be always “on”

Notable players: Jomati,  Stephen Gold

Kayleigh is a freelance writer based in Ireland. She writes on workplace wellbeing and likes to tell inspiring stories about people in business. Follow her on Twitter @KayleighZiola

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