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Office Gadgets That Can Help To Increase Productivity

Most people want to be more productive. Why wouldn’t you? Anything that can help us to get the job done faster and more efficiently, sign us up! However, a recent survey revealed that two-thirds of office workers think that up to 25% of IT hardware goes unused in their office. So, what’s going wrong?

Over a third of workers believe that their computer doesn’t have the adequate processing power required for them to do their job. If it is our tools that are slowing us down, or lying redundant in the office, what kind of office tech should we be looking at to kick start our productivity?



If you decide to ditch the desktop and opt for a shiny new Macbook, you may come up against an obstacle; USB mouse, keyboard light or desk hoover aren’t compatible with the latest Apple models. But, don’t stress! There are many USBC Hubs on the market that include super-speed USB connections, SD slots and Thunderbolt charging. Keep this nifty gadget in your laptop bag and you’ll always be ready to plug and play.


Doxie Go

This rechargeable, portable, large memory scan can turn your paper tray into one easy desktop folder. Scanners were cited as one of the most utilised pieces of office equipment and with the growing trend of flexible/remote working, the Doxie Go combines both into one lightweight product! Go paperless in a matter of minutes.



Fed up of being disturbed when you’re in the middle of something? It takes an average of 23 minutes to recover from a distraction – precious minutes that you can’t get back. However, if your office is using Luxafor, distractions are a thing of the past. The handy electronic flag can be attached to your desktop screen, desk or divider. Using Luxafor’s clever software, simply change the colour of your flag to denote whether you’re available to chat. You can even integrate Luxafor with your scheduling apps and allow it to cordon off your availability itself.


Beam Smart Pico

Collaboration was found, in our recent survey, to be of high importance to younger workers. A Stanford study also discovered that participants in their research who were primed to act collaboratively, stuck at their task 64% longer than their solitary peers. Tools like the Beam Smart Pico turn any surface into a screen, allowing teams to easily share their work, present and give feedback. This clever gadget can be screwed into a light fitting, or laid on a flat surface.



Ever wished you could just delete social media and turn off all distractions, even just for half an hour? With Saent, that’s exactly what you can do! Hit the desk button and watch your laptop go into lockdown. Plus, like the Luxafor, the Saent has an indicator light to signal to colleagues that you’re in concentration mode.



Contrary to previous beliefs, scientists now believe that fidgeting might actually be good for our concentration. Fidgeting helps some people reach their optimal level of arousal, which can facilitate performance in cognitive demanding tasks. The FidgiPen ballpoint has 7 fidgetable features, designed to help you concentrate in even the most boring of meetings. It’s quiet, clever and refillable – meaning you’ll never have to be without it!


Solar Charger

Flexible and remote working is here to stay. A recent study, involving 8,000 global employees and employers, found that three-quarters of companies worldwide have already adopted flexible working policies and 61% of them believe that it had increased their company’s profits. With statistics like that, it’s no wonder it’s on the rise. Technology is also getting to grips with flexible living and accommodating our more nomadic work patterns. Chargers like this window mounted solar charger allow workers to charge devices without a plug. No more hunting around the coffee shop for the best seat.



Productivity is a big concern across the workplace. With so many gadgets, distractions, messages and media, it’s unsurprising that studies have shown that 63% of employees say they lack quiet space for focused work. With many of the gadgets included here, although they are yet another piece of office tech, they aim to create the ‘quiet space’ needed for productive work. Whether it’s locking down your PC, or allowing yourself to fidget while you work, let’s get productive.

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Irma Hunkeler

Irma Hunkeler works for Re:signal, a digital marketing agency. Her experience includes working for clients in different industries such as travel, retail, recruitment, technology and charitable institutions. Extensive networking and meeting professionals across different industries, allow her to collaborate with industry experts for her writing.

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