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Marketing Your Business On A Shoe String Budget

Thanks to the rise of digital marketing, it’s never been easier to create a marketing campaign on a modest budget. We’re going to run through some of the best methods for low-cost marketing.


Delivering well-written information to your audience can set you apart as an expert in your industry and begin to foster trust.


Start a blog

If you’re not already doing so, you need to start blogging for your business!

Our digital world is a crowded place, with lots of people shouting over each other trying to take center stage. It’s easy for consumers to feel like they’re being hounded whenever they are browsing online.

Blogs are your chance to cut through the noise. Delivering well-written information to your audience can set you apart as an expert in your industry and begin to foster trust.

People are often scared to start a blog because they believe they’re not very good at it. We all know the answer to this one, don’t we? Practice! Blogs don’t need to be complicated to be useful, write a ‘Top 10’ about your chosen subject or find a way to repurpose the latest news from your industry or sector.

Regular blogging can also have a large impact on the amount of traffic your website gets from search engines. If your website only has few pages of information, search engines are going to find it easy to overlook your site. If your website has a blog which is regularly updated with lots of relevant and unique content, search engines have a lot more to pick up on. That means more chances to get in front of customers who are searching for your product.


Creating visual content is another great way to get noticed in all that internet buzz.


Videos and infographics

It’s not just blogs that are relatively pain-free to produce. If you are creatively inclined or know someone who is, why not produce some visual content.

In an industry report by Social Media Examiner earlier this year, they found that 37% of marketers reported that the most important form of content for their business was visual, second only to blogging (38%).

As the old saying goes, a picture can paint a thousand words. Well, what about a snazzy video or even an infographic?

There are some great apps out there that take the hassle out of producing visuals. Why not try for simple drag and drop infographics? Or head over to where you can make an easy as pie explainer video.

Creating visual content is another great way to get noticed in all that internet buzz. Plus it opens up doors to other more visual platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. The type of business you run and your audience will determine which platforms are best for you.

YouTube has over a billion users, that’s almost one-third of everyone who uses the internet. If you’re not producing videos, think of all the consumers who just never got to see your brand.

As infographics contain both visual elements and text, you are able to convey a lot of information in a small space. People love infographics as they are easy to digest. Now you’ve got all that amazing content, why not share it?



Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to engage new customers, whilst building and maintaining your existing customer relationships. You can use some of your best content to send to them or find other reasons to keep in touch. Save your “too good to miss” offers for your email list, or let them be the first to hear about new product launches.

If you haven’t already done so, add a newsletter sign up to your website. That way, you can collect peoples email addresses before they commit to buying. Having great blogs on your website is a sure-fire way to encourage people to sign up for similar awesome content.

You can even offer people something free to entice the sign-up. This is a shoestring budget list, so you don’t want to be investing too much in these giveaways. People have had great success with offering blog PDFs or eBooks. Consumers are usually happier to give their email information when they are getting something in return.

Your social platforms often act as an introductory page for your business.


Social profiles

If you are already familiar with social media for personal use, please don’t make the mistake of treating your business social platforms like your personal profiles.

Your social platforms often act as an introductory page for your business. They may be the first impression for a potential customer and sadly they may not even click through to see what your website has to say. You want to keep your social media presence in line with your branding, make a good first impression and supply potential customers with as much information as possible.

Make your ‘About Me’ sections count and remember that people who land on your profile may know nothing about your brand. The art of summing up your whole business in just a few sentences or characters can be tricky. Try to strip away all the fluff and sum up the most important factors about your business.

Be sure to link back to your website on all your social media profiles wherever possible. For example, if you are sharing product images, be sure to link back to your website with a clear call to action.


Final thought

Now this one isn’t technically marketing, but it’s a great tip for small businesses who are looking to save money. Why not get yourself a call answering service?

If you’ve ever missed a really important sales call then you’ll know why this one is important. Call answering services are cheaper than hiring a receptionist and mean those all-important sales calls are being taken care of. Plus, it’s much more professional than your client receiving your answer phone message.


Alasdair Inglis is the MD of Grow and digital marketing expert. Find out about Grow’s marketing consultancy and workshops.

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