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Marketing for Introverts: 7 Ways To Harness Your Powers

Does the idea of plastering your life on social media make you sick? Would a 2-hour networking meeting wipe you out for the rest of the day?  Do you dread the thought of marketing but know you have to do it? If so, you may well be one of the 50.7% of the population considered an introvert.

A little over half the population prefer their own company, struggle with speaking in front of groups of people and get energised from within. Introverts aren’t always shy but when it comes to starting and running a business often find self-promotion the most dreaded task on their to-do list.

But just because you’d rather run your business without actually having to tell anyone about it, doesn’t mean you can’t be super successful.

Oh no, quite the opposite.

Introverted entrepreneurs have superpowers when it comes to marketing. You just might not know how to harness them yet. Think Harry Potter before Hagrid comes knocking at number 4 Privet Drive to tell him he’s a wizard.

If you’re an introvert (or an extrovert who just loves marketing tips) consider this blog as important as a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. You’re about to learn seven ways to harness those powers and change your business trajectory forever.


1. Focus on serving over self-promotion

The fear of self-promotion goes hand in hand with worrying about what people think of you. As introverts, we tend to think deeply and are very perceptive.

As a result, we’re highly attuned to how people respond to us.

But if you’re going to succeed you need to find some way of putting yourself and your business “out there”. The simplest tip is to give yourself a perception shift.

Instead of thinking about marketing as self-promotion, focus on how much the people you want to work with need someone like you and the products and services you have to offer. When you shift your focus on to them, it takes the pressure off you.


2. Connect with one person at a time

In the age of social media, it might feel like you have to build and grow a mass following of raving fans to have any level of success, let alone just get by.

Whilst yes, social media is incredibly beneficial for business, instead of focusing on large numbers of people and becoming the next guru in your field, focus on the next one customer. You’re brilliant at building deep and long term relationships (it’s one of those superpowers we mentioned) so harness it and look for ways to reach out one at a time.


3. Focus on referrals

When building a business one person at a time, you’ll be providing incredible customer service alongside that deep connection we discussed in tip two. As a result, you’ll have customers who want to recommend you. Make the most of this by creating a referral scheme or a system that asks your customers to spread the word about your services.

Word of mouth is still one of the very best ways to market your business and the brilliant thing about it for introverts is that other people do the hard work for you!

4. Tailor your marketing to your strengths

Introverted business owners may find some marketing channels and tactics incredibly uncomfortable and too much of a challenge to embrace consistently. Public speaking, video blogging or interviews can be really good ways to market your business, but if you’re terrified of the prospect of them, you’ll find any reason not to go through with it.

But just because you don’t want to do that kind of marketing doesn’t mean you can’t communicate effectively. Instead of forcing yourself to adopt tactics that are more aligned to extrovert personalities, focus on your strengths. What do you enjoy? What are you good at?

For example, you could turn to the written word (something many introverts are good at). You could:

  • Pen a thoughtful and helpful blog post.
  • Write an email newsletter that resonates.
  • Share your expertise on a guest post.
  • Produce an article for your local newspaper or a magazine.

And if you think you can’t succeed just by writing a blog or email newsletter check out Alexandra Franzen – she’s a US-based writer who has no social media presence but a very successful business…


5. Write to one person

Whilst we’re on the subject of writing, one tip that has served me well from my days training to be a journalist at university is this:
Think of the person you want to influence as one real human being
and just write to them.

For me, this makes it so much easier to let the words flow and to communicate a message clearly and effectively. For the reader, it creates a real sense of connection and feeling that I’m only speaking to you. This builds connection, trust and resonance and will have “your people” (the customers who’re a great fit for your business) knocking at your door to work with you.


6. Look for offline opportunities

Digital marketing is a wondrous thing and focusing on writing instead of videos as we suggest in tip no 4 will help keep the fear of “putting yourself out there” at bay. But what about all the opportunities offline?

I’m not suggesting public speaking or speed-networking (who really thinks that’s a good idea?!) but what about putting up posters, leaving business cards in places your customers frequent or distributing leaflets? These might be old school tactics but they’re low-touch and still highly effective if done right.


7. Give yourself time post-marketing

One of the things you’ll likely understand as an introverted business owner is this – you need time to re-energise after any public-facing activity.

As such, I highly recommend scheduling that time into your diary and purposely avoiding booking anything in after key marketing activities. So, if you do go to a small networking meet up of a morning, take a couple of hours afterwards to go for a walk or do something by yourself before checking your emails.



There’s no need to feel like marketing is sucking the life out of you like some hovering Dementor.

Think of the application of these tips as having your very own Patronus Charm to shield you from them! And if even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, we can solemnly swear that by working with your natural tendencies instead of fighting them, you’ll be reaping the rewards in business for years to come.

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Jen Smith

Jen Smith is a freelance writer and content strategist.

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