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How To Boost Your Productivity In Just 4 Minutes

You’re busy. I get it. You barely have four minutes to read this blog let alone try some new fan-dangled productivity hack that some Silicon Valley hot-shot who only works four hours a week is raving about.

Well, I am just as sceptical as you. And just as likely to ditch a new habit and slip back into my old patterns and habits before I’ve even made it through a week.

So let me tell you this, the hacks herein work. They’re worth trying at least once. I’ve tried and tested them and that’s why I’m only giving you three to choose from.

So, spare me four minutes and give one of these a go this week.


1. The cold blast

If waking up is hard to do and you’re still bleary eyed at 9 am and reaching for coffee to function, this productivity hack is for you.

All you have to do, is at the end of your morning shower, blast yourself with the coldest setting for 30 seconds… then go back to normal temperature and repeat 4 times. 

Cold hot cold hot cold hot cold hot.

It sounds like torture but after the initial shock, I promise you’ll feel more awake and alert, with an increase in productivity that will last throughout the day.

Give it a try and give yourself a rush of endorphins and get your blood pumping faster for four mins every morning.


2. Turn off notifications on every app

I resisted this one at first but now am so happy I tried it because I am no longer a slave to my phone. I no longer lose 20 minutes mindlessly scrolling through tweets or my Instagram feed.

The concept is simple; just turn off all notifications for every app on your phone bar phone calls (for emergency).

It took me four minutes (I timed it) to turn off all the notifications and set this up. The hours I’ve saved and increase in productivity are ongoing. 

3. Hot potato your to-do list

My productivity usually takes a nosedive when I get overwhelmed by all the moving parts of the projects I’m juggling and my to-do list is swollen to the size of a small planet.

To combat this, I spend four minutes every morning ‘hot potato-ing’ my to-do list.

What am I on about?

  • I mark all urgent actions as hot potatoes (to do first)
  • I mark all non-urgent actions as chips (to do after hot potatoes)
  • I mark all ongoing actions as roasties (need a bit longer in the oven)

You don’t have to use my potato analogy… but prioritising your list every morning (or the night before) does clear the mind and helps you crack on quicker, which definitely helps me get more done.


Now, everyone has four minutes to try at least one of these but I am aware that not everyone will. So let me leave you with this thought…

If you procrastinate for one hour every working day that adds up to 32 and a half working days over the year. That’s over a month’s worth of activity that you’re losing each year in your business…. Now can you spare four minutes a day?


Jen Smith is a freelance writer and content strategist. Follow her @_JenSmith

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