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Australian bushfires
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Australian Bushfires: Ways Your Business Can Help

It’s fair to say that the world was stunned to watch the Australian bushfires unfold earlier this year, however it’s perhaps only in the aftermath that the real ecological losses are being tallied. While countless companies have stepped up and donated money to help offset the damage, ordinary people are left wondering how they too can do their part to help rehabilitate the Australian ecosystem. 

Though direct donations to the many organizations pledging their help are appreciated, you can also help by purchasing products from companies who have promised to donate the proceeds. Why not help this urgent cause by buying all the ordinary products you need anyway? Luckily, whether you’re a small business or startup that wants to make a difference, or just an individual who cares, we’ve compiled a brilliant list of products you can opt for to pitch in and help Australia get back on its feet.



Ever the brand willing to put eco consciousness at the forefront, Lush have already shown us the way by completely selling out of their limited edition Koala soap, “All the Wild Things.” The soap is currently sold out and won’t be restocked, but net proceeds for the sale of the adorable eucalyptus and lemongrass concoction have gone towards aiding animal rescue groups. Not to worry if you’ve missed out: you can still nab a lovely “Charity Pot” lotion which also pledges to donate $100 000 to grassroots organizations to combat climate change – a full 100% of proceeds is donated, so you get lovely skin and the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your part.


RSPCA Bushfighter Heroes Firefighter Figurine

In partnership with the RSPCA, Popcultcha and Funko are now offering this exclusive, super cute Bushfighter Hero vinyl figurine. All the profits from the sales of this sweet mini-hero will go directly to the RSPCA’s National Bushfire Appeal, helping support the animals and forests that have been devastated by the fires. Plus, it comes with a tiny koala! The limited-edition figurine is an adorable collectible, but will also go towards buying much-needed supplies and equipment to help those animals hardest hit by the crisis. The RSPCA is poised to help rebuild the communities ravaged by the fires and help not just the animals, but the humans most affected. 


2K and Bethesda

The total extent of the devastation wrecked by the wildfires is gradually being felt in the weeks after the crisis hit international news. The Australian Red Cross realizes that the real hard work starts now, with people pitching in all across Australia to provide emergency shelter, rescue wounded animals, rebuild communities and begin the long road back to rehabilitation. 2K and Bethesda have joined forces this February to raise money to support this hard work. The campaign ends on February 17th, so there’s still plenty of time to make a small donation, knowing that every tiny bit can and will make a difference. They’re more than halfway to their A$20,000 goal!


“It’s Only a Vulva” t-shirts

Love her or hate her, Gwyneth Paltrow’s heart is undeniably in the right place with her recent pledge to sell $55 shirts printed with the phrase, “It’s Only a Vulva” in her Goop store. The catchphrases are a tongue-in-cheek reference to her new Netflix series dealing with the kookier topics the actress has now become famous for dabbling in: body shame, psychedelics, crystal healing, alternative diets and other out-there lifestyle gimmicks. A full 100% of the proceeds will go to support the Australian bushfire crisis, so you could potentially tell people you’re only wearing the shirt as a good-natured joke…


Awesome Bungie Stores graphic shirts

If Gwyneth’s t-shirt offering is not quite up your alley, you might like to pre-order Bungie Store’s “Guardians for Australia” t-shirt. If you like the gaming aesthetic and have a wardrobe full of band tees and hoodies, you’ll love supporting Bungie as they do their bit to help Australia. Bungie will donate 100% of the proceeds to supporting those trying to rebuild the Australian outback and support conservation efforts going forward. Available in a range of sizes for men and women, this 100% cotton tee is dark grey with a funky sci-fi, Oz-inspired art print on the front.  


How can my business contribute to the Australian bushfire relief?

There are many ways your business can contribute to the cause.

  • You can create a limited edition version of a product you sell and donate funds to organisations combatting the fires. 
  • A common method is holding a sale in aid of the bushfires. 
  • Spread awareness across social media of both the fires and other charities/organisations who are also contributing to the cause
  • Donate directly to charities and encourage your customers to do the same. 

As upsetting as it was to watch firefighters and ordinary citizens alike battle the crisis down under, it’s also been a time to marvel at the collective spirit of giving and support that has sprung up to help Australia. Keep your eyes peeled for companies looking to do a little good, and you can do your part without even trying.

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