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9 Unmissable Podcasts for Startups and Entrepreneurs

It started with Serial. The much-lauded investigative journalism podcast that’s gripped the world. A friend recommended it to me whilst I shared my love of listening to audiobooks in my car.

Since devouring both seasons of Serial, I have become somewhat obsessed with podcasts.

They come with me everywhere. I listen to my favourites when driving, running, shopping, waiting in queues or whilst working on non-writing tasks. It’s like having the very best choice of talk radio queued up waiting for me.

I can’t recommend them enough. And with one of my favourite genres being business it seems only right to share nine unmissable podcasts for startups and entrepreneurs that I’ve discovered.


The Pitch

1. The Pitch

  • Host: Josh Muccio
  • Episodes available: 39
  • iTunes Rating: 4.5*
  • Avg episode duration: 35 minutes
  • Style: Fly on the wall

Why you should listen:

I’m addicted to this podcast. It transports you into the room where entrepreneurs are pitching to investors and you get the opportunity to be a fly on the wall.

What others are saying:

“A great podcast for startup entrepreneurs.”

“It’s like listening to Dragon’s Den but a bit more money on the line!”

Listen (via iTunes)


The Diary of a CEO

2. The Diary of a CEO

  • Host: Steven Bartlett
  • Episodes available: 17
  • iTunes Rating: 5 stars
  • Avg episode duration: 40 minutes
  • Style: Diary

Why you should listen:

Steven Bartlett is the 25-year-old CEO of Social Chain. In this podcast diary, he candidly shares the ups and downs, not just of business, but also his personal relationships, which I find incredibly refreshing. He truly lifts the lid on the day to day of running a business and what it takes.

What others are saying:

“Cathartic and insightful.”

“Refreshing, funny and resonates.”

“Finally. An honest look into the life of a CEO.”

Listen (via iTunes)


Magic Lessons

3. Magic Lessons

  • Host: Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Episodes available: 22
  • iTunes Rating: 4.5
  • Avg episode duration: 35 minutes
  • Style: Interviews

Why you should listen:

Whilst not strictly about business owners, this podcast will inspire and support your creativity as an entrepreneur. Elizabeth Gilbert talks to creatives across a broad field of disciplines and together they explore how to be more creative in life and work.

What others are saying:

“My weekly dose of inspiration.”

“Warm, inspirational and every episode feels like a treat.”

“If you’ve ever had the tiniest urge to create something then this is for you.”

Listen (via iTunes)


Planet Money

4. Planet Money

  • Host: A range of presenters
  • Episodes available: 843
  • iTunes Rating: 4.5
  • Avg episode duration: 20 minutes
  • Style: Informative

Why you should listen:

Understanding money and the economy is a big part of business. Even if you don’t ‘react’ to economic changes, I think it’s important you know what’s happening and why so you’re prepared to pivot if needs be. This podcast explains the economy in simple terms that’s actually interesting. It may be American-focused but I’ve still learnt a huge amount from Planet Money.

What others are saying:

“All of the presenters make complicated concepts incredibly easy to understand”

“It makes the mind-boggling world of money comprehensible and dare I say it, entertaining”

“Clear and concise. On the money!”

Listen (via iTunes)


Never listened to a podcast before? Here’s how:

The most common way is to download the podcast straight to your smartphone. If you’re on iPhone, you can do this through the Apple Podcast app which comes pre-installed. Android users can use Google Play Music. Both offer similar functionality, you can jump straight in and search for the podcasts mentioned here or browse genres or the podcast charts.

WIRED’s beginner’s guide to podcasts 


Digital Marketing Podcast

5. The Digital Marketing Podcast

  • Host: Daniel Rowles
  • Episodes available: 100
  • iTunes Rating: 5
  • Avg episode duration: 25 minutes
  • Style: Interviews and news

Why you should listen:

There’s no doubting that marketing is the fuel for your business, which is why it’s important to stay abreast of what’s happening and keep looking for ways to reach new customers. This podcast helps you do that, by delivering bite-size information on key digital marketing activities you can do. I find the hosts lighthearted and entertaining, but the content still packs a punch.

What others are saying:

“Clear, concise and accurate”

“Much better than most digital marketing podcasts”

“Invaluable advice. Spot on with content and deliver”

Listen (via iTunes)


Sleep With Me

6. Sleep With Me

  • Host: Andrew Ackerman
  • Episodes available: 671
  • iTunes Rating: 4.5
  • Avg episode duration: 60 minutes
  • Style: Story

Why you should listen:

I struggle to switch off when my mind is racing with work and business, let alone fall asleep. This podcast is now my go-to when I need someone to read me a bedtime story. If sleep evades you, I’d highly recommend it.

The best part? The bedtime story gets progressively boring so you can’t help but drift off…

What others are saying:

“Works every time.”

“Haven’t even gotten 15 minutes into a ‘game of drones’ podcast without falling asleep.”

“I do not know how but it works very well on me!”

Listen (via iTunes)


Entrepreneur Stories

7. Entrepreneur Stories

  • Host: Austin
  • Episodes available: 75
  • iTunes Rating: 5
  • Avg episode duration: 40 minutes
  • Style: Interviews

Why you should listen:

If you are inspired by other people’s business stories and want to glean useful tactics and tips from them in the process, this is the best interview-style podcast I’ve found. Austin manages to find a fascinating mix of entrepreneurs and has a great interview technique which cuts through the BS and gets to the heart of their stories. Less self-promotion, more real talk.

What others are saying:

“Great show with great advice.”

“The guest stories are impressive, especially since I haven’t heard of many of them before.”

“I like the stories but all the real tactics they share are the most helpful to me.”

Listen (via iTunes)


Richard Nicholls - Motivate Yourself

8. Motivate Yourself

  • Host: Richard Nicholls
  • Episodes available: 157
  • iTunes Rating: 4.5
  • Avg episode duration: 15 minutes
  • Style: Information

Why you should listen:

When motivation is lacking, I tune into one of these and I instantly perk up and feel fired up again. Richard delivers motivation in practical ways you can actually apply to your life and business. I recommend it as a great way to work on your mindset.

What others are saying:

“Totally changed my point of view.”

“Richard engages you from the start and channels your thinking into a positive direction.”

“Great variety within each podcast.”

Listen (via iTunes)


The Small Business Big Marketing Show

9. The Small Business Big Marketing Show

  • Host: Timbo Reed
  • Episodes available: 300
  • iTunes Rating: 5
  • Avg episode duration: 60 minutes
  • Style: Interviews

Why you should listen:

The Australian hosts, Tim and Luke, are engaging and entertaining and approach entrepreneur interviews in a refreshing way that I find incredibly easy to listen to (I’ve binged this podcast a number of times!). They always dish out marketing advice that is actionable and makes you feel like you’re part of a fun and successful community just by listening.

What others are saying:

“A class above the rest.”

“Don’t let the lighthearted style fool you, make sure you have a pen and paper to hand to capture all the great tips from the high-quality guest.”

Listen (via iTunes)



Of course, there are 100s of brilliant podcasts out there but hopefully, this list inspires you to start listening or find a new favourite. And, if you’ve never listened to a podcast before I highly recommend listening to these ones to start you off:

Have we missed any you’d add to the list?

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