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60 Free Online Business Resources… Go!

You don’t need to attend a pricey event when there are so many free fonts of knowledge out there for you to use at your leisure for your own personal growth and professional development. There are TED Talks, TV and radio shows, podcasts, videos, emails and blogs. Stuff that you can access to keep your skills fresh and your insight sharp. This is an extensive list of sources of business inspiration – all on the house! 


10 free resources for marketing ideas…

1. Marketing legend Seth Godin will deliver his blog free to your inbox every morning.   

2. One of Seth’s good marketer friends, Bernadette Jiwa, also has a daily blog called The Story of Telling

3. Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.” – David Ogilvy  

4. Lean Content agency has three free great books on social, content and marketing strategy. Download as ebooks or get the printed copies and just pay for P&P. 

5. 43 free marketing ideas (and some low-cost ones) courtesy of Informi 😉

6. Thoughtfully publishes two bite-sized marketing ideas blogs every week and has free marketing calendars and resources. 

7. The All Good Copy Podcast talks to writers and content creators about all things copywriting.  

8. The Duct Tape Marketing blog covers everything from earning referrals to managing time and being more productive.

9. Chris Brogan believes that smart leaders use stories. You can get the Chris Brogan newsletter here

10. Read The Drum online for the latest big marketing news.


10 free resources for staying up to speed with technology…

1. Mashable is the ultimate and original digital media website. 

2. TechCrunch has all the startup and tech news. 

3. The BBC Tech Tent podcast shows how technology is changing the way we work and live.

4. The Audience Agency’s monthly Digital Snapshot by Head of Digital, Katie Moffat, is well worth a read. 

5. The Women Tech Charge podcast meets extraordinary women leading the charge. 

6. The Guardian Technology section has all the latest tech stories and buyers’ guides. 

7. CNET is one of the most established tech-focused YouTube channels. 

8. The most insightful stories about tech on Medium

9. The famous tech mag in digital form, it’s

10. The latest technology news by podcast for your daily commute by The Wall Street Journal – The WSJ Tech News Briefing.


10 free resources for freelancers… 

1. The Being Freelance podcast has business tips and life hacks from freelancers for freelancers. 

2. Freelance Heroes has a supportive Facebook group where you can post your questions and help others. 

3. #ContentClubUK is a tweetup for copywriters and content creators every Tuesday at 11am on Twitter. 

4. The brilliant Jot Jot Boom blog and vlog by freelance copywriter Emma Cownley. 

5. WorkNotes is a community for freelancers with articles and resources. 

6. Museum Freelance is a volunteer-run network to support and champion freelancers in the cultural sector. 

7. The Kickstart Content blog by Sophie Livingstone is full of freelance business and marketing advice. 

8. How to stop freelance from killing you

9. 25 top sites for finding the freelance jobs you want.

10. The Clients From Hell website and podcast provides a cathartic collection of nightmare and funny stories and some useful tips.


10 free resources for motivation…

1. Mailchimp Presents is a series of short films and podcasts celebrating entrepreneurial spirit. 

2. How Tim Ferris still only works 4-hours a week when he has his own blog and podcast show for a start.  

3. A Pep Talk From Kid President To You

4. TED Talk – Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die.

5. Entrepreneurs on Fire interviews only the best entrepreneurs for you to learn from. 

6. TED Talk – Tony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do.

7. An oldie but a goodie – My Big Idea by ASOS interviews inspirational and creative business owners from nail artists to music magazines and donut shops. 

8. TED Talk – Joseph Pine: What Consumers Want. 

9. Brene Brown’s podcast launches in March 2020.  

10. For the ultimate motivator follow @TheRock on Instagram


10 free resources for being a great leader…

1. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates on Netflix is a documentary of Bill Gate’s life story. 

2. Economics In Ten is your go-to podcast if you want to learn about the lives, times and ideas of the world’s greatest economic thinkers.”

3. TED Talk – Roselinde Torres: What It Takes to Be a Great Leader.

4. TED Talk – David Logan: Tribal Leadership.

5. TED Talk – Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. 

6. TED Talk – Jacqueline Novogratz: Inspiring a Life of Immersion.

7. Follow Richard Branson on LinkedIn and he’s also on Insta.

8. Inspirational and eco-conscious Iceland MD, Richard Walker is also a keen surfer and worth a follow on Twitter. 

9. The Secret Leaders podcast interviews the forward-thinking founders of today. 

10. Leading entrepreneurs reveal their stories of risk, success and failure on BBC Radio 4’s The Disrupters


10 extra bits and bobs for business inspiration… 

1. Best for finance – AATComment is a great blog by the Association of Accounting Technicians. 

2. Best for reducing stress – the Yoga For Beginners App

3. Best for what not to do – Fyre Festival on Netflix is the jaw-dropping story of the world’s biggest festival fraud. 

4. Another fascinating and tragic story of business failure and fraud is that of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos investigated and told in the six-part podcast series by ABC News called The Dropout

5. How To Survive A Loss of Reputation by The School of Life. 

6. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator – TED Talk by Wait But Why blogger Tim Urban. 

7. Use to find like-minded business people who you can network with. 

8. Escape the City has resources to help you find your dream career or start a business. 

9. BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line is a business conversation show. This episode explores The Ethics of Business.

10. Shopify has a fab eCommerce ideas blog.

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Sophie Cross

Sophie Cross is a freelance writer and marketer specialising in business and travel. She is the editor for London Revealed magazine and her clients include Group and Merlin Entertainments.

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