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4 Benefits Of Having Pets In The Workplace

Serena E. Jones is the retail director at Millbry Hill. she explains how allowing pets in the workplace could benefit your staff and their productivity.

At Millbry Hill, our offices boast specially built kennels that allow our staff to bring their dogs to work. They can then play with their pets and take them for walks before work, as well as during their breaks. And, it’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to put pet-friendly policies in place. But what are the benefits of allowing pets in your workplace, and is this something you should be looking to allow? I’m going to explain why it could be a good idea.


1. It can reduce stress among your staff

Spending a few minutes with a dog or cat can do wonders for someone’s stress levels β€” in fact, a study published in The Official Journal of the American Psychosomatic Society has shown that it can be more soothing than talking about your troubles with a friend or spouse. So, if you’re looking for a way to reduce stress among your staff, allowing pets in the workplace could be a great move.

Then, if anyone is having a particularly bad day or feels like they need to unwind after a particularly difficult meeting, they can spend a little while with the workplace pooch to regroup before moving onto the next task.


2. It can help to bring teams together

A workplace pet can also serve as a fantastic bonding tool for your workers. So, if you’ve noticed that your staff typically keep themselves to themselves and you wish they would get to know each other a bit better, a pet could be just what they need. When you introduce a dog to your team, chances are, they’ll all want to stroke and play with it β€” and, they’ll start spending more time together as a result. The dog will also become an easy topic of conversation so, before you know it, people who’ve never spoken before will be chatting and getting along.


3. It can increase your workforce’s productivity

Taking short breaks from work can help to prevent decision fatigue, restore motivation, and increase productivity, as well as creativity, according to Psychology Today. So, while you might be worried that having a dog in your workplace could tempt staff away from their desks every once in a while, this could actually be a good thing β€” chances are, it’ll help everyone to get a lot more done!


4. It can keep your employees healthy and active

Dogs need to be walked and played with, which could be hugely beneficial for your staff who might spend a lot of their time sat at a till or desk. If you’re bringing your own pet into the workplace, consider asking your employees whether they would be interested in taking it for a lunchtime walk, and then set up a rota. You could also encourage your staff to play with your pooch on their breaks to give them a chance to keep active.

Being around dogs can have a whole host of other health benefits, from improving heart health, to staving off depression, and promoting healing, too (HuffPost). So, allowing dogs into your workplace could even reduce the number of sick days your employees take.



So, there you have it: four reasons why you should consider welcoming pets into your workplace. Not only will it help to keep your staff healthy and happy, but it could also boost their productivity, which will benefit your business overall!

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Serena Jones

Serena E. Jones is the retail director at Millbry Hill.

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