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36 Side Hustles to Run During Autumn & Winter

For every season – there’s a side hustle. By capitalising on the increased demand for certain products and services during a particular time of the year, seasonal side hustlers can generate extra income, pursue their passion outside of their main career, and even road test whether their entrepreneurial dream is a viable one.

You might remember we previously shared a list of great side hustles to start in the summer… but what about the colder months? Do consumers spend more, or less? Do the opportunities go up, when the temperature drops? Let’s take a look…

In many regions, autumn and winter can be associated with increased spending for several reasons. Let’s start with the obvious one…

  • Seasonal occasions. Autumn and winter encompass several major events, such as Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve and various other religious and non-religious festivals and holidays. During these festive occasions, people often spend on gifts, decorations, food, travel and entertainment.

Other reasons for this increased spend include:

  • Back-to-school shopping. The start of the school year in many countries typically falls in late summer or early autumn, leading to increased spending on school supplies, clothing and other related expenses.
  • Weather-related purchases. In colder regions, people may spend more on winter clothing, heating and other items to stay comfortable during the colder months.
  • Seasonal activities. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and other winter sports often lead to increased spending on equipment, gear rentals and admission fees.
  • Home maintenance. As winter approaches, homeowners may spend more on home maintenance and preparations for the colder weather, such as insulation, weatherproofing and heating system maintenance.
  • Travel and holidays. Some people take advantage of autumn and winter breaks to travel, leading to increased spending on transportation, accommodation and leisure activities.

It’s important to note that spending during autumn and winter can also depend on the overall economic conditions, individual financial situations and cultural practices specific to each region. Additionally, the impact of seasonal spending can vary significantly between countries and communities.

So, with the above in mind, what are the best side hustles to start during autumn and winter?

Gardening services. Demand often increases in autumn as many homeowners and property managers seek assistance in clearing up leaves and preparing their gardens for the winter season. Cleaning up fallen leaves can help prevent the spread of pests and diseases that might otherwise thrive in decaying foliage, as well as preventing driveways and walkways becoming slippery hazards. Preparing plants and gardens for the colder months involves tasks such as mulching, winterising plants and protecting delicate vegetation from frost. Hedge cutting is also a popular service, as there’s less chance of birds nesting between August and March.

Some homeowners also take advantage of the milder autumn weather to undertake landscaping projects, such as planting bulbs for spring flowers or installing new garden features. Offering reliable and efficient services during this season can help build a positive reputation and lead to potential repeat customers throughout the year.

Christmas decorations and crafts. Creating and selling Christmas decorations, wreaths, ornaments and handmade crafts can be profitable during the festive season as people look to decorate homes and buy for loved ones.

Baking and catering. There’s often a demand for baked goods, desserts and catering services during the party season. Could you channel your culinary skills toward this seasonal side hustle? Christmas cakes, mince pies and the like might make great additions to a local farmers’ market!

Personal shopping and gift wrapping. Help busy individuals with their Christmas shopping and gift-wrapping tasks.

Christmas event planning. Plan and organise Christmas parties, gatherings or corporate events for clients.

Freelance ski instructor. Work with ski schools, offer private lessons or collaborate with travel agencies that organise ski trips. As you can imagine, it’s important to gain the necessary training and experience – a good starting place is The British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI).

Seasonal cleaning services. Offer deep cleaning services for homes and offices before and after the Christmas season. Whether it’s ensuring a home is clean and ready for Christmas guests (or cleaning once they’ve left!), or creating a clean office space for staff to return to in the new year – there’s a lot of deep cleaning opportunities on either side of the big day! Speak to family, friends and local businesses to gauge what the demand could be like if you offered these sparkling services.

Christmas tree farming or selling. If you have access to land, consider starting a Christmas tree farm or selling Christmas trees during the Christmas season.

Winter clothing and accessories sales. Start an online shop or participate in Christmas markets to sell winter clothing, scarves, gloves and hats.

Seasonal home decorating services. Help homeowners decorate their houses for Christmas or provide interior design services for the colder seasons when people are more focused on internal home projects. (Could you expand to offering local shops a seasonal window dressing service?)

Firewood sales. If you have access to firewood, you might want to consider selling bundles for domestic use. Be aware though, you can only supply or sell wood fuel in volumes of less than 2 cubic metres if it is certified as ‘Ready to Burn’. This confirms it has a moisture content of 20% or less. Full details here.

Hot beverage stand. Set up a stand or cart offering hot chocolate, mulled wine, coffee or tea at Christmas events or busy shopping areas.

Pet care services. Offer pet sitting, dog walking or pet photography. Pet sitting is especially timely over the holiday periods when people go away to see family or go on winter breaks.

Christmas party entertainment. Offer entertainment services like caricature drawing, Christmas-themed performances or magic shows for parties and events. (Or, could Father Christmas be in need of an extra elf assistant at the local grotto??)

Seasonal arts and crafts workshops. Host arts and crafts workshops for Christmas-themed creations, such as wreath making, gingerbread house making and decorating, calligraphy lessons for card writing, etc.

Christmas personal chef services. Offer in-home meal preparation and chef services for special events.

Christmas social media management. Help businesses manage their social media accounts for Christmas marketing.

Seasonal tech support. Offer tech support services for individuals and businesses preparing for the Christmas season.

Winter house sitting. Provide house-sitting services for people who are away over Christmas.

Winter home repairs and maintenance. Provide home repair and maintenance services for winter-related issues, such as fixing leaks, sealing drafts or inspecting heating systems.

Winter car detailing. Provide car detailing services for winter weather preparation.

New year DIY projects. Homeowners tend to be more focused on internal DIY projects during the winter months, when they’re stuck indoors! The colder weather and reduced daylight hours make outdoor projects less appealing and more challenging to accomplish. As a result, many homeowners shift their attention to interior projects that can be completed comfortably indoors. Can you help with any projects in your local area? Some homeowners might have set the new year aside to complete niggling DIY tasks once the busy Christmas period finishes.

Winter sports equipment rentals. Rent out winter sports equipment such as skis, snowboards or ice skates to winter enthusiasts.

Fitness or wellness coaching. Capitalise on the motivation and energy that come with the new year by offering fitness or wellness coaching services to help people stay healthy and active during the colder months. (Take advantage of those new year resolutions in January!)

Healthy meal prep services. Prepare and deliver healthy meal options for those looking to maintain a nutritious diet in the new year (and beyond!).

Organisation and decluttering services. Help people declutter and organise their homes or offices as they start the year with a clean slate.

CV writing and career coaching. Provide CV writing and career coaching services to individuals looking to pursue new job opportunities.

Tutoring. Offer online or in-person tutoring services for students returning to school after the winter break, with exams on the horizon.

Tax preparation services. Help individuals with tax preparation as the tax season approaches.

Language lessons. Teach language lessons to individuals looking to learn a new language as a resolution.

Personal finance workshops. Host workshops or webinars on budgeting and personal finance management for the new year.

Digital content creation. Offer content creation services, such as writing blog posts or creating social media content, for businesses looking to boost their online presence during the run up to Christmas, as well as generating interest in the new year. Some businesses might need the extra support during the busy Christmas selling period, while others might be working with a reduced team while staff take holiday and require the extra support.

Online course creation. Develop and sell online courses on topics that align with popular new year resolutions, such as personal development, health or self-improvement.

Winter travel planning. Help individuals plan and book winter getaways or trips to escape the January blues.

Delivery driver. There’s an increased demand for delivery services during the colder months, with many people preferring the convenience of ordering food and other items for delivery rather than venturing out in the cold and potentially hazardous weather.

The winter months also include various seasonal events such as Christmas and New Year’s, during which people may order more food and gifts for celebrations and gatherings. And let’s not forget Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales, which can all lead to an increase in online shopping and the need for delivery drivers to handle the higher volume of packages.

Seasonal retail work. If your side hustle needs to be a little more steady than gig work, there are a number of brick-and-mortar retailers looking for extra hands on deck during the Christmas period.


The success of any side hustle depends on factors such as your skills, qualifications, experience, location, target audience and marketing efforts. Choose side hustles that align with your skills and interests and consider the seasonal demand in your local area to maximise your earnings during the autumn and winter months.

It goes without saying (but let’s say it anyway…)

Make sure you’re appropriately trained, insured and set up to legally and safely provide your side hustle services. Some useful links:

Getting started: The technology making it easier

The prospect of starting up your side hustle can cast a shadow over your entrepreneurial spirit, however, advancements in technology have made the getting started process much easier. For example:

  • Online marketplaces platforms such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon and Shopify make it easy to sell products and services online without the need for a physical storefront, helping side hustlers reach a broader audience and tap into the global market.
  • Gig economy platform apps and websites such as Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Fiverr and Upwork also provide opportunities for people to offer their skills and services on a freelance basis. These platforms connect service providers with potential clients, making it easier to find work.
  • Social media marketing. Social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn allow side hustlers to market their products or services, build a brand and reach their target audience without significant advertising costs.
  • Digital payment solutions. Technology has revolutionised payment systems, making it easier for side hustlers to accept online payments securely. Payment gateways and digital wallets provide safe and convenient ways to conduct transactions.
  • Mobile apps. Mobile apps have simplified various aspects of running a side hustle. There are apps for accounting, project management, scheduling and communication, streamlining business operations. (“There’s an app for that” – always!)
  • Remote work tools. Collaboration and communication tools such as Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace have made it easier for side hustlers to work with clients or team members from different locations.
  • Online learning platforms. Access to online courses and tutorials has allowed individuals to acquire new skills or knowledge relevant to their side hustle without attending traditional classes.
  • Cloud computing. Cloud-based storage and computing services enable side hustlers to store and access their files, data and applications from anywhere, promoting flexibility and remote work capabilities.
  • Low-cost website development. Creating a website has become more accessible and affordable with website builders and content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.
  • Data analytics and insights. Technology provides valuable data analytics and insights to understand customer behaviour, market trends and areas for improvement in the side hustle.

These technological advancements have reduced barriers to entry, increased efficiency and expanded the potential reach for side hustles. As a result, many individuals can now start and manage a side hustle with minimal upfront investment and technical expertise. However, it’s essential to stay informed about evolving technologies and trends to stay competitive and make the most of the opportunities available.


It’s essential to consider that while seasonal side hustles can offer short-term benefits, they may not provide a stable source of income throughout the year. Additionally, competition for certain seasonal opportunities can be high, depending on the location and industry.

If you are considering a seasonal side hustle, it’s essential to research the demand and competition in your area and carefully assess whether the effort and time you invest align with the financial returns you expect. As with any side hustle or business venture, understanding the market, managing expectations, and providing excellent service are crucial for success.

So, there you have it! If your finances are looking a little frosty this autumn and winter, why not start a seasonal side hustle to get things back on track?

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