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10 Transformative Skills You Need to Master in 2024

There’s simply no better time than the new year to improve yourself, and your skillset. Developing new talents that further your career can help you negotiate better salaries, build your business up and overall enjoy a higher quality of life.

1. Communication skills

People underestimate how important being able to communicate clearly is, especially in the digital age. Being able to get your point, emotions and nuance across in a conversation, or even an uncomfortable situation can be the difference between a positive or a negative outcome. Look at where your weak spots are when it comes to communication and try to fix them as best you can as it can make a huge difference in both your personal and work life.

2. Project management

There’s a reason project managers can ask for such impressive salaries. Being able to manage hundreds of different elements from staff, materials, deadlines, contractors and third parties is no easy task, but it’s a skill that can make a serious impact on your career. Having the skills to oversee that many spinning plates without cracking can make the difference between a successful project or a major failure.

3. Data skills

Data is essential to businesses, and a high level of understanding data is equally as important for employees. Proficiency in data interpretation and analysis allows you to make accurate, informed decisions and process information that may well put you ahead of your competitors and peers.

4. Artificial intelligence

Love it or hate it, AI is taking over and is practically unavoidable in 2024. From art to writing, music to coding and even video game development, AI has exploded over the last two years and simply isn’t going anywhere soon. Get to understand how it works, how it learns and how it can help your industry.

5. Cybersecurity

The world is online, which means even the smallest of businesses use the power of the internet for their day to day business. This means that anyone is susceptible to online threats and data loss risks. By levelling up your understanding of cybersecurity, you’re ensuring your own safety online, the safety and security of your business (or the businesses you represent), and also adding another tick on your CV as to why potential clients should work with you.

6. Cloud computing

The advent of Cloud Computing allowed business and employees to begin working remotely rather than being forced into a single location. Understanding the basics and even the highly technical aspects of cloud tech means you can stay at the bleeding edge of the tech industry, as well as being able to work anywhere in the world whilst keeping your performance at a high level and your data secure.

7. Networking

Learning to confidently and successfully meet and get to know strangers can take you a lot further than many people think. Confidence is everything in the world of careers and business, and getting to know others within your industry can help you grow your circle, seek out new opportunities, learn skills you never knew you needed and even grow your business.

8. Sustainability skills

The future is green, and most businesses know it by now. Most employers and forward-thinking businesses appreciate individuals that understand the importance of having an environmental focus. Being able to understand the necessity of going green, how to successfully implement it into your business and day to day life, and also leverage it to save overall costs can help not just you, but the planet too.

9. Time management

Delivering projects and work early can put you in a positive light in the eyes of managers and clients. Being able to effectively use your time, understand how much time is truly available and how to get the most out of your available capacity can make all the difference when it comes to your career. Being able to achieve tough deadlines when they’re presented to you and deliver on time (or even early) will shine a positive light on you and make you more likely to receive better opportunities further down the line.

10. Sales and negotiation skills

Being able to negotiate deals, contracts, or financial increases on behalf of yourself or your business is no easy task. Most people’s immediate reaction to being sold something is generally negative, but if you can learn the art of the sell, you can push yourself further in terms of your career and your own personal success.

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Olivia Wood, business content writer

Olivia Wood is a writer with hands-on experience in business success. Having made the leap into the world of freelancing, she offers her expertise to help others.

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