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Running a business is tough. Whether you're a start-up or a well-established SME, at some point you'll need support. Instead of turning to search engines and YouTube videos, wouldn't it be great if everything you needed was all in one place? Informi provides simple and practical guidance on everything from finance and marketing to the mental challenges of being your own boss.

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A new company is born every minute in the UK

Feel the freedom and empowerment of being your own boss - the release of doing something you love. 

How do I get funding for a new business?

From startup loans to crowdfunding, we weigh up all your options plus the all-important next steps. 

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How do I write a business plan?

From startup through to scale-up, a good business plan will help you focus and plan for the future.

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Choosing the right energy supplier

There are plenty of horror stories involving businesses who have underestimated their energy needs. 

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Running a business from home

It's quick to set up, cheap, and relatively risk-free, but what do you need to consider before taking this path?

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Startup of the month: TRIBE

In 2015, sales of nutrition products were worth £66 million, while two in five (42%) UK consumers aged 16-24 have consumed sports nutrition products in the past three months. TRIBE are one of the companies tapping into this increasingly health conscious and ethically minded lifestyle group.

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